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Good Luck/Make a Wish AmuletEEma

This Amulet has been blessed. If you have wishes, write them down on the back side of the EMA. Then display the EMA on a wall or shelf in your home or work place. In Japan, some people write their wishes on the back of EMA then bring them to their local JINJA.
It is commonly believed that if people dedicate something (such as sake, vegetables or even animals) to the KAMI then their wishes will come true. Sometimes Japanese people want to dedicate a horse, for example. Word EMA is translated into "Horse Picture".
In the past some people would actually bring their live horse to the JINJA. In modern day Japan the offering of pictures that are painted on wooden boards is used instead to offer their wishes. Word EMA is translated into "Horse Picture".

– If you would like a personalized blessing, please send us the owner's name, address, age and where you got this EMA to us.