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Reflections of the Japanese culture

What is
Shinto ?
Shinto, the indigenous religion of Japan, has long been recognised as its cultural root and its practises have been handed down from generation to generation. Unlike Buddhism or Christianity, there are no holy texts, there is no belief in the afterlife and there is no individual who is recognised as the founder of Shinto.
The ancient Japanese people believed that all natural objects possess spirits, which came to be regarded as KAMI. Shinto predates Buddhism, which was later imported from abroad and adapted to the Japanese lifestyle.
Nowadays most Japanese people visit both the JINJA and the Buddhist temple.
What is the Jinja ?
The JINJA is the Shrine that houses the KAMI and the place where ceremonies are performed. The architectural style of th e JINJA is different from a Temple. When you visit the JINJA, you pass through the gate, a TORII, which indicates that you are about to enter a sacred space. The JINJA lies inside that sacred space.
Japanese people usually visit the JINJA during seasonal events and to receive blessings. People also come to pray to the KAMI for their happiness, success, good fortune, etc.

Address: 183 Teramachi Matsue-city Shimane Japan

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